We currently have 6.5 foot and 13 foot wide rolls of netting available. In late June, traps throughout the Northern U.S. were routinely catching SWD (Spotted Wing Drosophila). Now is the time to put up protective netting for the 2019 growing season!

Who we are: 

Berry Protection Solutions is part of The Berry Patch in Stephentown New York.  We formed this business to help other growers gain the benefits of using exclusion netting to combat Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) and other insect pests. We also sell bird netting, hail netting, shade cloth and other agricultural fabrics. We are the first growers in the country to use this exclusion netting - called ExcludeNet - on a commercial planting and we are able to grow pesticide free blueberries and raspberries because of this netting.  You can read about Dale-Ila's work in the February 2018 issue of American Fruit Grower.  You can also access her report on the first two years of her research through the National SARE website.  Search under Farmer Grants, use the key word of SWD, and it should come up for you.  Dale-Ila has spoken at grower conferences from Maine to Minnesota, detailing how well this netting has worked and sharing her research results.  Many of those conferences offer proceedings that have her write-ups.


What we supply:

We supply ExcludeNet netting manufactured by Tek-Knit Industries in Montreal Quebec.  It is manufactured from polyethylene yarn that is made in the USA.  We supply 80 gram ExcludeNet netting (weighs 80 grams per square meter) for SWD protection.  We can also supply 60 gram ExcludeNet netting (not suitable for SWD but it is suitable for slightly larger insects) and many other agricultural fabrics including vineyard sidewall netting, bird netting, hail netting, and shade cloth.

- 80 gram ExcludeNet is manufactured in rolls 13 feet wide or 6.5 feet wide by 328 feet long. Two sheets can be sewn together lengthwise for an extra charge to make 26 feet wide pieces.  For smaller orders, we may be able to supply shorter pieces of 13 foot wide ExcludeNet. 

- 60 gram ExcludeNet is manufactured in rolls 13 feet wide or 26 feet wide by 328 feet long.  60 gram ExcludeNet can be special ordered in 6.5 feet wide and 19.5 feet wide pieces.

For pricing and availability please contact us at our new email address of

What we have done:

Over the course of five years of research, which was done in collaboration with Cornell University, (initially funded by the Northeast SARE Farmer grant program and the NYS legislature) we have proven that exclusion netting effectively prevents infestation of berries by SWD.  SWD is an invasive pest, native to Southeast Asia, that hit the berry industry throughout the US very hard.  Many growers pulled out plantings because of the inability to control this pest without multiple pesticide applications per season.

Why should you buy netting? 

You should buy netting because when you take care to properly cover your planting, it works to exclude SWD and other insect pests.  In 2014, we achieved 0.67% infestation over a ten-week harvest period.  In 2015, we achieved 0.37% infestation over six weeks, and in 2016 and 2018 we achieved 0.00% infestation over an eight-week harvest period.  Growers who make the proper investment in netting and take the time to properly construct a support structure can be rewarded with pesticide free berries.

In addition to SWD protection, the 80 gram netting has protected our blueberry crop from heavy rain, hail, strong winds, and of course, birds.  In the four years that we have used the netting, we have had our three highest yielding years.

We are growers ourselves and we know how important it is to save money and make wise investments.  Because this is not our primary business, and because we are not selling other agricultural supplies, we do not have the overhead costs of warehouses, employees, or delivery trucks that your netting has to help pay for.  We also encourage group orders to save money for customers.  The netting is priced in pricing tiers – the more you buy, the cheaper it is per roll.  Since we are growers ourselves, that’s why we are offering the ability for growers to work together to put in a group order that will be delivered to one location.




The Berry Protection Solutions ExcludeNet netting  has great potential for berry growers of all sizes and berry crops.  It can also be used by vegetables growers that are attempting to grow insecticide-free crops.


Berry Protection Solutions awarded "Farm Credit 100/ Top 100 Honorees" and "Excellence in IPM Award" from the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program (NYS IPM) at Cornell University.


The system worked extremely well. In 2014, with the 80 gram netting, at most, only 0.53 percent infestation occurred in a 10 week harvest season. Unsprayed berries without exclusion netting had as high as a 60% infestation level in one sampling period alone. In 2015, using the 80 gram netting, at most, a 0.37% infestation was found over a 5 week harvest season. Sprayed berries without exclusion netting had as high as a 20% infestation level in an individual sampling period...

This system has great potential for small scale, organic, and no-spray blueberry growers and I believe the system can be used by raspberry growers as well.
— Dale-Ila Riggs